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Polytechnic Institute of Zhejiang University Signs Cooperative Agreement with Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission and Huawei Technologies

May 11, 2017



On the morning of May 10, Polytechnic Institute of Zhejiang University signed a cooperative agreement with Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. with a view to promoting the deep fusion of education and industry and enhancing intimate university-government-enterprise cooperation.

Jin Deshui, Party Chief of Zhejiang University, Zhang Jinru, Director of Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission, and Fang Xiao, Zhejiang Regional Representative of Huawei Technologies, delivered speeches at the signing ceremony. Yan Jianhua, Vice President of Zhejiang University, signed a memorandum regarding a joint industrial talent cultivation program with Li Min, Engineer-in-chief of Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission, and an agreement on the university-enterprise cooperation framework with Wei Yanqing, General Manager for Knowledge Transmission Division in Huawei Technologies.

In accordance with the agreement, Polytechnic Institute will cooperate with Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission in 6 aspects as follows: regular negotiation, cultivation of high-caliber talents, coupling of master’s degree in engineering and professional titles, sharing of teaching resources, promoting of the double-supervisor system as well as the establishment of training bases and technological transfer bases. It will boost technological innovation and collaborate with Huawei Technologies in setting up a professional master program, establishing training and service bases and offering top-notch training programs.

“Polytechnic Institute is one of the ZJU’s major initiatives in the national and regional innovation-driven development strategies and Made in China 2025. To turn Polytechnic Institute into a cradle of outstanding engineers, it is of supreme importance to improve educational quality and orient institutions and systems towards the socio-economic development,” said Jin Deshui, “We should create an innovative talent cultivation mode so as to turn out the backbone of Made in China 2025. We should improve talent cultivation quality and enhance students’ hand-on skills so as to make Polytechnic Institute a major force in teaching innovation. We should boost international cooperation and foster students’ communicative skills so as to set the trend for engineering education.”

“At present, there is an increasing need for engineers in Zhejiang Province. By deepening university-government-enterprise cooperation and capitalizing on the superb engineering strengths, solid collaboration platforms and extensive international cooperation of Zhejiang University, it is expected that Zhejiang Province will achieve a shift from a demographic dividend to a talent dividend and attain an industrial transformation,” said Zhang Jinru. He stressed that Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission would make every endeavor to support university-government-enterprise cooperation and the development of Polytechnic Institute.

Fang Xiao pointed out that Huawei Technologies has entered into partnership with Zhejiang University for many years. In recent years, Huawei Technologies has recruited a host of honors graduates from Zhejiang University, who have gradually grown into the engine of development. Against the backdrop of digitalization in modern society, this partnership between Huawei Technologies and Zhejiang University will attain a win-win situation in talent cultivation and research innovation.