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Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurs Set up Z20 Foundation

May 13, 2017



On May 12, 20 Zhejiang University alumni entrepreneurs gathered on Zijingang Campus to co-sponsor the establishment of Zhejiang University Alumni Z20 Foundation. The first-phase amount of the Foundation, which is to be officially operated, totals 1 billion yuan.

Party Chief Jin Deshui, President Wu Zhaohui, Vice President Luo Weidong and Vice President Yan Jianhua attended the ceremony and switched on the Z20 light together with participating alumni.

Wu Zhaohui pointed out that the university has received many precious celebratory gifts from alumni all over the world recently, thus savoring their deep concern and care. There is a close affinity between alumni and the university in terms of affection, honor and development. “We should bring into full play alumni’s role in attracting capital, innovate the way they support education, create an open environment and explore the width and depth of education. We should promote the interconnectivity between social capital and university capital and get connected to global resources and development. We should tap into the guiding role of alumni associations, innovate their development modes, accumulate the power of alumni in cultural identity, brand campaigns and start-ups, and constitute an open, collaborative and mutually beneficial system for them,” Wu said.

Tian Ning, President and CEO of Zhejiang Panshi Information Technology Co. Ltd., is one of the limited partners of the Z20 Foundation. He graduated from the School of Animal Sciences, Zhejiang University, in 2000. “Zhejiang University provided fertile soil for the fulfillment of my start-up dream and helped me overcome barriers during my career. I feel extremely grateful. On this special occasion of the 120th anniversary of my alma mater, I hope that I can make my humble contribution to the construction of a first-rate university and the overseas center of the university by means of this new donation mode,” Tian said.

Wang Yang, President of Cybernaut Investment, is also one of the limited partners of the Foundation. He also graduated from Zhejiang University. “The Z20 Foundation is expected to attract more alumni to pay back via investment donations so as to back up the construction of the alma mater,” Wang said.

The Z20 Foundation will be channeled into disciplinary development, academic research, talent cultivation and international exchanges at Zhejiang University.