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Zhejiang XCC Group Co. Ltd. Sponsors Establishment of Innovation & Start-up Special Fund

May 17, 2017


On the morning of May 16, Zhejiang University-Xinchang County Cooperation Promotion Meeting and the signing ceremony of XCC Innovation & Start-up Special Fund were held on Zijingang Campus. Zhejiang XCC Group Co. Ltd. donated 10 million yuan in support of students’ innovation and start-ups at Zhejiang University. The foundation will be channeled into a scholarship for students in the School of Mechanical Engineering, students’ innovation and start-ups in the whole university and the disciplinary construction of mechanical engineering.

RenShaobo, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University, and Shao Quanmao, Party Chief of Xinchang County, delivered speeches at the ceremony. Zhang Feng, President of Zhejiang XCC Group Co. Ltd., and Hu Wei, Assistant President of Zhejiang University and Director of the Development and Liaison Office, signed the donation agreement.

“At present, Xinchang County is making every endeavor to build a moderately prosperous society and Zhejiang University is also accelerating the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. The partnership between the two sides epitomizes the forward-looking vision in promoting innovation-driven development. Zhejiang University will mobilize every possible means to synergize its disciplinary assets with the distinctive resources of Xinchang County, implement every cooperation agreement and bring into full play the potential of both Zhejiang University and Xinchang County in innovation and start-ups,”RenShaobo said.

Shao Quanmao expressed his cordial hope that scientific cooperation with Zhejiang University will provide a strong incentive for the economic development of Xinchang County.