Office of the Presidents
Department of Development and Planning
International Relations  (Chinese)
     Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs 
Graduate School

Recruitment Office of Graduate Students    
    Administration Office of Graduate Students 
    Office of Graduate Training Programs
    Office of Discipline Establishment
    Degree Office
Undergraduate School
    Office of Student Affairs
    Office of Academic Affairs
    Office of Teaching Affairs
    Office of Teaching Quality and Resource Management 
    Qiushi School

Administration Office of Continuing Education
Human Resources

The Sci-Tech Academy
Humanities and Social Sciences
Office of Regional Cooperation
Zhejiang university Education Foundation  (Chinese)
Finance Department
Audit Section
Supervision Office
Department of Facility and Laboratory Management 
Department of Real Estate Management
Department of Infrastructure Construction
Security Department
Department for Retired Faculty and Staff
Zhejiang University Press (Chinese)
International Education