Alumni Association

Zhejiang University Alumni Association was founded in Jan. 2000 with the approval of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC.

ZhejiangUniversity highly values alumni relationship and views it as the source of inspiration and reliable support. With the aim of uniting all the alumni, serving for the Alma Mater and feeding back to the society, Zhejiang University Alumni Association has achieved considerable success. Up to now, we boast nearly 500,000 alumni all over the world, and the branches and extensions of alumni association have been founded in more than 15 countries and 100 areas home and abroad, covering North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, MacaoTaiwan and so on. Moreover, the establishment of alumni clubs such as Zheda Hi-Chance Club, Zhejiang University Alumni Real Estate Club and Zhejiang University Alumni Hotel Industry Club has also added to the variety and vitality of the alumni network. Alumni clubs, communities and associations at all levels serve to bring alumni all around the world together.

Zhejiang University Alumni Association has been publishing E-newspapers and magazines and constructing a new website for our alumni. Meanwhile, various activities have been organized to serve their needs and deepen the connection.


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