Zhejiang University Logo, Song, and etc.

Zhejiang University Logo:

Anniversary Date of Zhejiang University: Qiushi Academy, the root of current Zhejiang University, began its first term on May 21, 1897 (Guangxu Era, Qing Dynasty). From that, May 21 was set as the Anniversary Date of Zhejiang University.

Zhejiang Univertsity Anthem

                                    Translated by Chen Gang



The vast sea contains all streams, all rivers;
Great learning connects Heaven and Earth.
Metaphysical is Tao; instrumental is Tool.
Rites tell people apart; Music gets them together.
To know their relations would make us ever brighter.

There’s a national university standing by River Qiantang,
Whose eternal philosophy is seeking truth from facts.
Progressive education can produce those able to govern;
Never say you know the essence, let alone the truth.
Reform is necessary, and renewal is a must;
To be a vanguard is to be both creative and innovative;
Dear young vanguards should be clear of the principles.

Be devoted to study, deep in thinking and good in understanding;
We offer arts, science, agriculture, technology, and beyond;
It needs you to know them all -- their origins and applications.
To become successful people will be like true gold to be made;
To give up fractional views we
re of far sight and broad mind;
To rejuvenate our great nation is to harmonize the whole world.