Hangzhou Yamiao Cultural Media Co. Ltd. Donates 40 Million Yuan to ZJU



On June 1, Hangzhou Yamiao Cultural Media Co. Ltd. signed an agreement with Zhejiang University to donate 40 million yuan within 10 years in support of entrepreneurship and technological transfer. In accordance with the agreement, Zhejiang University Yamiao Maker Space will also be set up.

Present at the agreement-signing ceremony were LuoWeidong, Vice President of Zhejiang University, and Zhao Yang, a ZJU alumnus and President of Hangzhou Yamiao Cultural Media Co. Ltd..

“Alumni are one of the most valuable assets for the university. The Zhejiang University Alumni Association has been committed to the motto of “serving alumni, the university and society”, fostered a mechanism by which alumni have unswervingly contributed to the development of the university, formed a culture in which alumni serve the university on a voluntary basis, and developed a system for the benign fusion of alumni and the university. The university will also make every effort to promote the development of alumni in future,”LuoWeidong said. 

Zhao Yang said that in the era of the Internet and artificial intelligence, adequate attention should be attached to innovation and revolution in fundamental education. He hoped that ZJU students’ dream of doing start-ups could be fulfilled on this fecund soil of innovation and entrepreneurship.