Optical Properties and Optoelectronic Applications of Nano-size Metallic Films and Metamaterials


Abstract: This talk presents new optical materials and device concepts for future optoelectronic device platforms,  aiming at compact size,  high efficiency and robust performance. A new kind of silver film: aluminum-doped silver is discovered and its properties are studied. The film is ultra-thin, ultra-smooth, low loss, and is thermally robust and long-term stable,which facilitate high performance optoelectronic devices such as organic solar cells, optical metamaterials, and nano-photonic/plasmonic devices. Metamaterials are artificially designed materials with extraordinary optical properties and have the potential to replace conventional bulky optical systems. Nano-size metamaterials are demonstrated for optical spectrum filtering (structured color filter) and polarization/direction control (asymmetric transmission and polarization conversion metasurface). In the end, nano-imprinting lithography and its application in fabricating polymer based photonic devices will also be discussed.

file.php?cmd=download&id=2842291Biography: Cheng Zhang is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan-Ann arbor. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Shandong University in 2010. His research interest includes nano-photonics, nano-fabrication and polymer based photonic devices. He has got several awards for his PhD research including Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship from SPIE in 2010 and 2013, Michael Pate Optical Sciences Memorial Scholarship in 2014, Distinguished Leadership Award, Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research and Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellowship from University of Michigan, and Outstanding Overseas Student Award from the Chinese government in 2015. He served as the vice-president (2013-2014) and then president (2014-2015) of the Optical Society at the University of Michigan.

Guest Lectuer: Cheng Zhang, PhD of Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan-Ann arbor, America

Date and Time:  9:00am-11:00am, Jan. 13, 2016   

Location: Room 215Information Science & Electronic Engineering Building, Yuquan Campus

Audience: Faculty/Staff, Students

Category: Lecture

Sponsor: College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang University


Admission: Free