National Research Center for the Agricultural and Rural Development

The Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) is an Essential National Base of Social Science Research, which was qualified by Ministry of Education in the first assessment and guided by it. It is an open research base founded by Zhejiang University and under the direct lead of the university.

Aimed at benefiting farmers and agricultural & rural economy development, CARD researches on the essential problems that China faces with in the process of agricultural and rural modernization. CARD provides government with feasible development strategy of rural modernization as well as scientific basis for policy-making. It also provides enterprises with services and consultations for scientific decision-making and management, while it trains high-quality talents for agricultural and rural economy management.

The main goal of CARD is to develop as a superior, specialized, domestic-top-grade, world-famous institute for academic research and knowledge innovation, which is able to solve complex problems in agricultural and rural modernization as well as in regional economy. Meanwhile, it will be a base of training up high level talents, a base of consulting for important decisions, a base of human resource training and a base of international corporation and information exchange.

The main functions of CARD are organizing research projects, scholastic communication, consultation for policy-making, training up talents, publishing the research works and spreading research achievement.

Chairman of CARD is responsible for CARD under the leadership of its directorate. It hires both full-time and part-time researchers. Moreover, it retains famous researchers and experts as part-time researchers and consultants.

CARD constitutes of CARD Office, Plan and Development Division, Scholastic and Communication Division, Consultation and Talents-training Division and five research institutes. They are Institute of Rural & Agroeconomy Development, Institute of Regional Development, Institute of Sustainable Development, Institute of Rural Institutional Innovation, Institute of Population & Social Development.

The present Chairman is Prof. Zuhui Huang.