Research Centers & Institutes

National Engineering (Technology) Research Centers

Industrial Automation, National Engineering Research Center for 
Applied Power Electronic Technology, National Engineering Research Center for 
Optical Instrumentation, National Engineering and Technology Research Center for 
Coal Water Slurry Technology Institute of Combustion Technology, National Engineering Technology Research Center for 
Electrohydraulic Control
National Engineering Technology Research Center for
Train Intelligent, National Engineering and Technology Research Center for

National Key Research Centers of Humanities and Social Science

Agricultural and Rural Development, Research Center for 
History of the Chinese Language, Research Center of 
Research of Private Economy,  Center for

ZJU Academy of Independent Studies

James D. Watson Institute of Genome Sciences
Zhejiang-California International NanoSystems Institute
Research Institute of Zhejiang University-Taizhou
Qiushi Academy for Advanced Studies,Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University Innovation Institute(ZII), International
Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University   (Chinese)
Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University
Water Envionment Research Institute, Zhejiang University
Institute for Sustanable Energy, Zhejiang University  (Chinese)
Institute for Integrated Circuit and Basic Software
Institute for Advanced Technology
International Design Institute
Zhejiang University  (Chinese)
Institute of Translational Medicine  (ITM)