2017 National University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance Summit Kicks off at Zhejiang University


    On August 23, the 2017 National University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance Summit was held at Zhejiang University. It brought together more than 300 new media elites from various universities and a galaxy of experts and celebrated entrepreneurs. They explored the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship among university students in the new economic climate and delved into the contributing factors of innovation and entrepreneurship, thereby facilitating the growth of rising entrepreneurs.

    Zheng Qiang, Vice Party Chief of Zhejiang University, said in his welcome address that innovation and entrepreneurship stood for a state of mind and that spiritual cultivation and quality promotion were considerably more crucial than material acquisition in terms of the growth of college students. “I hope that less attention should be paid to wealth and capital while more emphasis should be laid on diligence and spiritual pursuit,” said ZhengQiang.

    Tian Liying, General Manager for Weibo Marketing, and TianYiming, Director of Weibo Operation, gave talks entitled“Fusion and Co-construction—Trend of New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Weibo MCN Provides Impetus for Campuses—The New Era of Platform Cooperation” respectively.

    Wei Jiang, Executive Vice Dean of the Institute of China’s Science, Technology and Education Policy, Zhejiang University, said: “What we need most in the new era is the soul of innovation, which connects new ideas and commercialization. We adhere to the innovation-oriented entrepreneurship talent cultivation pattern.”

    At the summit, the National University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance and Weibo University MCN Growth Plan were also launched. Meanwhile, Weibo Campus set up the Cyber Culture Achievement Institute and the Cyber Culture Branding Institute with Zhejiang University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University respectively.

  Participants also shared ideas with each other on innovation and entrepreneurship via keynote speeches and roundtable workshops. Cherie, CEO of Chinstudio, focused her talk on economy related to online celebrities and shared with the audience her start-up story; An Qiuming, Director of Faculty and Course Development, Alibaba’sTaobao University, illustrated new approaches to entrepreneurship by providing concrete start-up cases; Yin Jinrong, Vice Director of the Department of Student Affairs, Zhejiang University, introduced a series of endeavors that Zhejiang University made in the domain of innovation and entrepreneurship and proposed that universities should integrate professional education and entrepreneurship education and reinforce business education while promoting students’ innovation, entrepreneurship and individual development.