ZJU Alumni Attend Group Wedding Ceremony


The leaves of gingko trees are painted golden and the Alumni Woods displays a wide range of carnival colors on ZJU’s Zijingang campus.

On this special occasion, 120 newlyweds who have graduated from ZJU attended the Love@ZJU group wedding ceremony in their alma mater on November 12. They walked the line to the altar with the best wishes and greetings from their instructors, counselors, friends and families.

Professor ZOU Xiaodong, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, presided over the wedding ceremony. 

“It is a distinctive campus culture unique to Zhejiang University to invite alumni to attend the group wedding. Here, alumni share with their instructors and counselors the most beautiful moment in their life. It represents not only a special serendipity between alumni and ZJU, but also their faith in staying true to their original aspirations,” said ZOU.

ZOU extended his heartfelt wishes to newlyweds, hoping that the ZJU community will make concerted efforts to strive for excellence in the days to come.

Professor ZHOU Lingqiang from ZJU’s School of Management spoke on behalf of the invited faculty members. He expressed his sincere hope that newlyweds will be devoted, filial, kind-hearted, trustworthy and confident in their future life. 

This ceremony also invited two special couples: Mr. WANG Mingshan, director of the ZJU Alumni Association in Jiangxi Province, and his wife; Mr. GU Renzang, honorary director of the ZJU Alumni Association in Shaoxing City, and his wife. 

The two couples extended their best wishes to newlyweds and shared their special recipe for eternal love: “Now that you are in love with each other, you should vow to each other that you will stay together forever. Love doesn’t have to be mellow day in and day out; love is life. The more ordinary, the better.”

News clip (in Chinese) from provincial TV station: a similar group wedding at ZJU on April 9, 2017.