ZJU wins national science and technology awards


1. First Prize Winner of the State Technology Invention Award:

Development and application of key technologies concerning ultra-low emission of coal-fired units

Participating Researchers: GAO Xiang, WU Guochao, ZHU Songqiang, ZHENG Chenghang, HU Daqing and CEN Kefa

About the Project: Coal burning is the major culprit of severe haze in certain areas. The ultra-low emission of coal-fired units is of immense significance to cope with coal pollution in China. Researchers have made a series of breakthroughs in ultra-low emission and effective removal of multiple pollutants, multiple-site catalysts and technologies concerning the removal of particular matter and SO3, cracked a string of key technological challenges such as high efficiency, exceptional adaptation, remarkable reliability and low costs, and pioneered in achieving the ultra-low emission of multiple pollutants. These technologies have wide-ranging applications, tremendously reducing coal-induced pollutants, comprehensively promoting the level of pollution treatment, and vigorously propelling the implementation of the state strategy for ultra-low emission of coal-fired units.

2.Second Prize Winner of the State Technology Invention Award

Development and application of key technologies concerning super-fast digital printing equipment

Participating Researchers: CHEN Yaowu, WANG Pengjun, ZHOU Hua, GE Chenwen, TIAN Xiang and ZHOU Fan

About the Project: At the very core of the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry is super-fast digital printing equipment. Researchers in this project have created three key technologies, including the real-time and parallel processing engine for super-large printing data and developed a super-fast digital printer. These technologies have established a lead globally. They have been exported to 20-plus countries and regions and successfully applied in over 200 printing enterprises.

3.Second Prize Winner of the State Science and Technology Progress Award

Key technologies in synergic control over rotary pyrolysis of hazardous waste and pollutants

Participating Researchers: YAN Jianhua, JIANG Xuguang, LI Xiaodong, ZHANG Wenhui, CHI Yong, LU Shengyong, WANG Qi, HUANG Qunxing, MA Zengyi and LI Li

About the Project: With 14-year concerted efforts, researchers have developed ground-breaking technologies for self-melting incineration of hazardous waste based on rotary pyrolysis, synergic control over rotary pyrolysis of hazardous waste, proposed an innovative self-adapted optimal method for controlling pyrolysis of hazardous waste in complicated situations and a state-of-the-art strategy for integrated purification of pollutants, and pioneered in the establishment of a database of pyrolysis features regarding typical hazardous waste.