Nine ZJU courses among first batch of national-level MOOCs


The Chinese Ministry of Education has recently selected and released the first batch of 490 national-level MOOCs. Among them, nine courses are offered by Zhejiang University –  

  • - The Basics of Game Theory by Prof. JIANG Wenhua

  • Chinese Modern and Contemporary History by Prof. DUAN Zhiwen

  • Overview of New Media by Prof. WEI Lu

  • Probability and Statistics by Prof. ZHANG Guofen

  • Classics of Tang Poems by Prof. HU Kexian

  • Arts of Classroom Conversations by LIU Hui

  • C Programming by Prof. WEN Kai

  • Data Structure by Prof. Chen Yue and Prof. HE Qinming  

  • Introduction to Management by Prof. XING Yiqun

Massive open online courses (MOOCs), aimed at unlimited participation in and open access to higher education, have taken off in China as the country embraces distance learning.

MOOCs started to gain popularity in China in 2013, and the courses often benefit those living in remote areas. China ranks first in the number of MOOCs, with 3,200 launched by 460 institutions of higher education, including 200 courses available on foreign MOOC platforms, said WU Yan, director of the Department of Higher Education with the Ministry of Education.

In the waves of MOOCs, ZJU has been committed to promoting high-quality, low-cost and large-scale online teaching resources in China.