84-year-old ZJU professor integrates teaching with magic tricks


On the podium, Professor ZHUANG Biaozhong shakes a rectangular plastic box which contains six dice. When he opens the box, all the six dice are arranged in order showing the same faces.

He then goes on to perform a magic trick with a steel ring and a chain. After the steel ring passes through the chain, a knot is tied on the ring by the chain.

“That reflects the ‘Moment of Momentum’ principle, essentially an application of mechanics,” Zhuang explains.

Zhuang Biaozhong, an 84-year-old professor of mechanics in ZJU’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, shows off creative thinking in a magical manner.

Every time Zhuang gives a lecture, he will bring with him some props. “Magic tricks can not only enliven a class but be used to impart knowledge concerning mechanics tangibly. Students are able to learn various theories in a concrete and impressive way,” Zhuang says.