Students on live show to introduce ZJU


On April 14, two ZJU students, JIN Yufei and DENG Yunqiu, attended a live show on China Daily as hosts and took the audience to a tour around Zhejiang University.

Screenshot of this live show on the phone

Since the second event of Vision China will be held in Hangzhou, China Daily presents a series of live shows introducing the city as pre-event warmup on Facebook. As the best university in the region, ZJU is definitely worth mentioning.

JIN and DENG started their tour at Qiushi Great Hall, the grand antique style building in the western part of ZJU's Zijingang Campus. Along the way, they dropped by Crescent Hall, CHU Kochen Statue, Qizhen Lake, Nanhua Garden and Campus Library, not only introducing the past and present of ZJU, but also sharing their exciting campus life with the audience.

Their great introduction of ZJU has attracted more than 1,000 online comments from around the world.

You can watch the playback at