ZJU clinches championship in RoboCup 2018

2018-06-23 Global Communications

While the Russia 2018 World Cup is in full swing, RoboCup 2018, an international robotics competition, kicks off in Montreal, Canada.

On the afternoon of June 21, ZJUNlict came in first in the Small Size league, one of the RoboCup league divisions. This is the third time that ZJU has won the championship.

RoboCup 2018 started on June 18 and it attracted a galaxy of students from top universities all over the world. The Small Size league includes the group stage, the playoff stage and the grand final stage. In the group competition, ZJUNlict made it to the playoff stage with 3 wins and 1 tie at the group stage.

At the double elimination playoff stage, ZJUNlict suffered a 1-2 defeat by CMμs from Carnegie Mellon University in the upper round due to a flaw with the stationary ball program. In the lower round, ZJUNlict beat Immortals from Iran, Er-Force and TIGERS Mannheim from Germany and clinched a berth in the grand final game. In the grand final game, ZJUNlictoutdueled CMμs with an overwhelming 4-0 victory and garnered the championship.

ZJUNlict is comprised of 10 students, among whom 8 are undergraduates. XIONG Rong, a professor from the College of Control Science and Engineering, acts as the team’s head coach.