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Press Releases

+ University Presidents Summit Hosted at Zhejiang University [05-23-2017]

file.php?cmd=download&id=3107587On May 20, the University Presidents Summit was held at Zhejiang University. Nearly 100 presidents and representatives from roughly 40 top universities from across the globe, including the University of Chicago, Peking University, Northwestern University, the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong, gathered to share ideas with each other on universities and society, innovation and the future.

+ Zhejiang University Celebrates 120th Anniversary [05-21-2017]

file.php?cmd=download&id=3106616On the morning of May 21, Zhejiang University hosted a festive celebration dedicated to its 120th anniversary on Zijingang Stadium. It brought together leaders at various levels, distinguished guests from every corner of the world, presidents of more than 30 overseas universities and over 80 domestic universities, alumni as well as faculty and students from across Zhejiang University. Che Jun, Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Zhu Zhiwen, Vice Minister of Education, attended and addressed the celebration.

+ Zhejiang XCC Group Co. Ltd. Sponsors Establishment of Innovation & Start-up Special Fund [05-17-2017]

file.php?cmd=download&id=3105342On the morning of May 16, Zhejiang University-Xinchang County Cooperation Promotion Meeting and the signing ceremony of XCC Innovation & Start-up Special Fund were held on Zijingang Campus. Zhejiang XCC Group Co. Ltd. donated 10 million yuan in support of students’ innovation and start-ups at Zhejiang University. The foundation will be channeled into a scholarship for students in the School of Mechanical Engineering, students’ innovation and start-ups in the whole university and the disciplinary construction of mechanical engineering.

+ Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurs Set up Z20 Foundation [05-13-2017]

file.php?cmd=download&id=3105105On May 12, 20 Zhejiang University alumni entrepreneurs gathered on Zijingang Campus to co-sponsor the establishment of Zhejiang University Alumni Z20 Foundation. The first-phase amount of the Foundation, which is to be officially operated, totals 1 billion yuan.

+ Polytechnic Institute of Zhejiang University Signs Cooperative Agreement with Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission and Huawei Technologies [05-11-2017]

file.php?cmd=download&id=3104640On the morning of May 10, Polytechnic Institute of Zhejiang University signed a cooperative agreement with Zhejiang Economy and Information Technology Commission and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. with a view to promoting the deep fusion of education and industry and enhancing intimate university-government-enterprise cooperation.

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