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"Made by ZJU" Biennale 2016

Dec. 21, 2016

Ultra-ductile cement, grapheme materials, micro-satellites and invisible UAVs…These high-tech products would be seen in laboratories or in the news, but visitors are fortunate enough to take a close look at them at the “Made by Zhejiang University” Biennale 2016 which kicks off on December 20. Meanwhile, a series of groundbreaking achievements, including obesity-preventive food, ecological rice and officinal dendrobium stems, are also on display. It is the first time that Zhejiang University has reviewed representative achievements made during the 12th Five-year Plan via a broad and vibrant exhibition. Items on display are intimately bound up with people’s life.

Hu Xuyang, Vice Party Chief of Zhejiang University, expresses his great admiration for the exhibition. He hopes that concerted efforts should be made to offer a wider range of platforms for the exhibition of products made by Zhejiang University, thus tremendously improving its influence and competitiveness in terms of innovation.

The 3D camera at the exhibition booth is equipped with a globally cutting-edge high-performance system. It can be applied to various domains, including automatic driving, robot navigation and 3D modeling.

For most students, eye masks are indispensable to boosting sleeping quality. An eye mask producing natural steam from fragrant plants rivets the attention of visitors. This eye shade is said to regulate blood circulation around the eyes.

This biennale is part of sci-tech activities in celebration of the 120th anniversary of Zhejiang University. The exhibition unfolds the charm of science and displays the vigor of innovation in a very tangible way, indicative of ZJUers’ determined and generous contributions to building an innovation-driven country.