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ZJU Alumni Association in Anhui Donates "Qiushi Inkstone" in Celebration of ZJU's 120th Anniversary

Dec. 25, 2016


On the morning of December 24, the Zhejiang University Alumni Association in Anhui donated a “Qiushi Inkstone” to Zhejiang University in celebration of its 120th anniversary.

This inkstone is a She-inkstone, which boasts of a history of over 1,000 years and is one of the 4 most renowned inkstone genres in China. The stone weighs 500 kilogram, has a black color and displays a variety of gold-like markings. Inscribed on the stone are the Chinese motto of Zhejiang University and one line from the Chinese alma mater of Zhejiang University. Also carved on the stone is an aspiring student who travels from afar to pursue his education in Hangzhou.

Hu Xuyang, Vice Party Chief of Zhejiang University, and participating alumni unveiled the inkstone together. Hu Xuyang expressed his cordial gratitude for this precious gift and said that Zhejiang University and Anhui have long been connected with each other academically. The inkstone is one of the four treasures of the study in China. It is named as “Qiushi Inkstone”, emblematic of alumni’s deep affections for the university.