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Zhejiang University Launches "Global Celebration" of 120th Anniversary

Jan. 3, 2017


At the 10th Zhejiang University New Year’s Concert on the evening of January 1, President Wu Zhaohui announced the official inauguration of the “Global Celebration” of the 120th anniversary of Zhejiang University. On the same day, Zhejiang University issued its 2nd public notice on the 120th anniversary.

A total of 30-plus alumni from 10 countries and over 20 cities in China were awarded the flag of the “Global Celebration” of the 120th anniversary. More than 140 alumni associations all over the globe will hold a series of activities in celebration of the anniversary.

Wu Zhaohui said in his address that Zhejiang University has long been committed to talent cultivation, academic research and services and has risen to a world-renowned institution over the past 120 years. The university will join hands with alumni and various circles to create a more open innovation network, deepen reform on open-loop education, pass on more open-source thoughts and accelerate the construction of a world-class comprehensive, research-oriented and innovative university with Chinese characteristics.

Beautiful notes and sweet melodies are not only a brilliant interpretation of cultural heritage but also a fair reflection of youthful passion. At the concert, Zhejiang University Wenqin Symphony Orchestra performed western classic masterpieces, including Academic Festival Overture, Out of Africa and Voices of Spring Waltz, as well as household Chinese tunes, including Happy Women Soldiers and Ode to the Red Flag.