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New Year's Carnival at ZJU

Jan. 1, 2017


The year of 2016 is coming to a close, and the bell of the New Year is going to ring. On the evening of December 31, Zhejiang University held a grand gala in celebration of the coming New Year. School leaders, including Jin Deshui, Wu Zhaohui, Zhou Guping, Yan Jianhua, Zhu Shiqiang and Hu Xuyang, extended their New Year greetings and cordial gratitude to faculty and students alike.

“Zhejiang University made a remarkable achievement in the year of 2016,” said Jin Deshui, “The year of 2017 will be a crucial year for Zhejiang University. We will make every endeavor to undertake a wide spectrum of eventful activities for the celebration of the 120th anniversary by capitalizing on the precious experience in the G20 Leaders’ Summit.”

Wu Zhaohui said in this address that “in the upcoming year of 2017, Zhejiang University will celebrate its 120th anniversary. We should be more confident to promote the reform and development of the university and make more vigorous strides in the course of creating a world-class university with Chinese characteristics”.

At the gala, performers created a festive and jolly atmosphere featured by phenomenal dancing and singing shows. Wu Zhaohui’s impressive singing performance of “Sky Road (Tianlu)” brought the gala to a thrilling climax.

The university also held a heart-warming birthday party for students who were born on December 31. As a mysterious guest, President Wu Zhaohui cut a three-layered birthday cake for them and extended his best wishes. He also called the mother of a student on the spot and gave her his New Year greetings.

As the bell chimed on the stroke of midnight, the whole ZJU community applauded and cheered in unison. It is an epoch full of hope and 2017 will be another unforgettable year for the university. May everyone embrace a more brilliant tomorrow.

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