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Readers at ZJU

Feb. 24, 2017



Readers, a culture-themed program on China Central Television (CCTV), has become a nationwide sensation. On February 22, this program was staged at Zhejiang University—the first stop among institutions of higher learning in China. Despite nasty weather, it sparked participants’ great passion for reading.

Prof. Wei Lu from the College of Media and International Culture of Zhejiang University became the first reader in the Readers’ Pavilion on Zijingang Campus. He read the lyrics of the ZJU version of Chengdu because he felt that this song embodied the enthusiasm and affection of students and faculty alike for the university. Coincidentally, Man Feng from ZJU’s Executive Office of the President read the alma mater of the university—an elegant and meaningful song which encompasses one of the spirits of the ZJU community.

Participants shared their keen interest in reading and many alumni took advantage of this opportunity to return to the university. “The spirit of seeking the truth and pioneering new trails and fellow students who shared the same ideal with me are the most precious treasure that I have acquired from the university,” said Ms Wu, an alumna of the university. The program also attracted several international students, including Fei Yu, an overseas student from the Republic of Guinea. She read an essay entitled “The Life of a Student” in authentic Chinese. “I love Chinese, so I choose to read it aloud in Chinese,” she said passionately.

I am a reader and I am proud to be a ZJU student.