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Let Sparkling Ideas Meet in 900-Second Science

Mar. 15, 2017

900-Second Science in which scientists reduce their fascinating scientific career to a 15-minute talk, is a new program in Zhejiang University Qizhen Cup this year. Within this frame of time, they share with the audience the most impressive, perspicacious and mind-blowing highlight about science.

Every speaker in 900-Second Science is subjected to rigorous selection by “ZJU Science +++”. They should meet the requirements as follows before they go on stage.

1) They should be young, ranging in age between the post-80s and the post-90s.

2) They should be dynamic. Their cutting-edge research has captured immense attention or coverage.

3) They should perceive scientific research as enjoyable.

4) They should master at least one foreign language. They should have the capability to decipher science to people from different academic backgrounds.

900-Second Science has embarked on its journey with a rosy picture. It will serve as an effective platform where teachers can find elite students and students can make the acquaintance of peers. Thanks to a marvelous pool of talent and invigorated academic ambience, the fusion and integration of sparkling ideas will yield more fruits.