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Zhejiang Province Launches University Blood Donation Campaign at ZJU

Mar. 20, 2017


On the morning of March 18, the “Passion & Youth” University Blood Donation Campaign was officially launched at Zhejiang University.

“Blood donation does not add up to the completion of a compulsory task but a strong sense of responsibility that university students hold for the Chinese nation,” Zheng Qiang, Vice Party Chief of Zhejiang University, gave much credit for the significance of blood donation. He encouraged university students to participate in this campaign and display their strong sense of social responsibility with action.

It is reported that a total of approximately 193,500 university students and teachers in Zhejiang took part in blood donation from 2012 through 2015, accounting for 18.54% of the total number of blood donors. The annual blood donation rate hit 4.64% and the total donated blood volume reached 53,900 liters.