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Zhejiang University Holds Spring Postgraduate Commencement and Diploma-awarding Ceremony

Mar. 31, 2017



Zhejiang University held its spring postgraduate commencement and diploma-awarding ceremony on Zijingang Campus on March 30. Approximately 2,600 postgraduate students participated in this festive occasion marking the transition from students to alumni.

Wang Fenglei from the College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science spoke at the ceremony on behalf of graduates. “As a ZJUer, I will never forget the motto of ‘seeking the truth and pioneering new trails’. I really appreciate it because at ZJU I learn to be committed, determined, liberal-minded, diligent and innovative. I hope that ZJU will take pride in our remarkable achivements some day,” said Wang. Prof. Zhang Guangxin from the College of Control Science and Engineering delivered a speech on behalf of supervisors. He expressed his hope that students will aim high, adhere to truth and justice, transform dreams into feasible steps, persevere until success is achieved and have the best interests of ZJU at heart.

President Wu Zhaohui gave a speech entitled “Innovation Connects the World”, recommending that students should connect with ZJU, society and the world. “The current world is becoming increasingly innovative, open, interconnected and inclusive. The accelerating globalization of innovation is grounded on the new transformation of knowledge and contributes to the rapid circulation and accumulation of innovative and entrepreneurial resources in the world, thereby making the interconnection ability the key to success. I hope that you will hold onto the spirit of truth and innovation, assume responsibility for innovation and entrepreneurship and strive to be trend-setters in this open and innovative age,” said Wu. 

Cheng Houbo (Class of 82’) shared three suggestions with graduates. 1) Believe that you can. Students should be confident and brave enough to create new things and make changes. 2) Have great visions. Students should have a crystal clear picture of their future development and have the capability of grasping right opportunities. 3) Find inner tranquility. Students should work assiduously, start small and dream big.