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ZJU Holds Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition in Celebration of 120th Anniversary in NAMOC

Apr. 20, 2017








Zhejiang University held a calligraphy & painting exhibition in celebration of its 120th anniversary in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). The exhibition, which started on April 18, unfolds a vivid picture of ZJU’s passion for calligraphy and painting, cultural legacy as well as glory since the foundation of Qiushi Academy 120 years ago.

Lu Yongxiang, Vice Chair of the 11thNational People’s Congress Standing Committee, declared open the exhibition. Pan Yunhe, Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of CPPCC, Liu Xirong, former Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, ShuHuiguo, former Director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, and Chen Zhenlian, Director of ZJU’s Institute of Chinese Arts, unveiled works that made their debut. Also present at the exhibition were Feng Yuan, Vice Curator of the Central Research Institute of Culture and History and Vice Chair of China Artists Association, Xu Li, Vice Chair and Secretary-general of China Artists Association, and Shao Dazhen, Director of the Theory Committee of China Artists Association. Xu Li and LuoWeidong, Vice President of ZJU, delivered speeches.

Over the past 120 years, ZJU has evolved into a cultural platform marked by a fusion of science and art and a constellation of humanistic arts. Eminent calligraphers and painters, such as Ma Yifu, Chang Shuhong, Shen Yinmo, Ma Xulun, Feng Zikai, Chen Zhifo, Sha Menghai, Lu Weizhao, Wang Juchang and Wu Guanzhong, ever worked or studied at ZJU. They do a lot of research into arts and give of themselves to preserve culture. Many alumni, faculty and students are also keen on calligraphy and painting. Their creation also adds color to the artistic collection of the university. The intimate connection between cultural transmission epitomized by calligraphy and painting and the development of the university, so to speak, facilitated the cultivation of common affections, values, ideals and spirits at ZJU.

More than 160 works are on display at this exhibition. They mirror the soft power and cultural confidence of ZJU via unique aesthetic perspectives, distinctive artistic features and profuse artistic language.

The exhibition will last till April 27.