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Children of Eminent ZJU Professors Talk about“ZJU Spirit”

Apr. 30, 2017

On April 28, Zhu Yinmei, the daughter of Prof. Zhu Zuxiang (a Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former President of Zhejiang University of Agriculture), Chen Jiankuan, the daughter of Prof. Chen Hongkui (founder of plant pathology in China), and Chen Tianlai, the son of Chen Xichen (former Vice President of Zhejiang University of Agriculture), shared with approximately 300 participants the perspicacious connotation of the ZJU Spirit by relating the stories of their father in westward migration.

“At that time, aspiring students departed from the picturesque campus and traveled across outlying mountainous areas in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and Guizhou. The stark contrast reflects that only a powerful nation can ensure a happy family. Against that backdrop, faculty and students protected the transference of properties, compiled documents and polished instruments in a tough situation, indicative of their commitment to the nation,” said Zhu Yinmei.

“My father set up a reading club at home. He required students to read designated books and gave them his valuable guidance,” said Chen Jiankuan, “He also taught his students how to protect books and encouraged them to attend lectures in other departments. Their indomitable spirit and strong patriotism left me a deep impression. I miss 7 years in Meitan very much.”

“My father is passionate about agriculture and conscientious about his research,” said Chen Tianlai, “In 1958, my father was invited to measure the grain output in a certain county in Zhejiang Province. When he told the measurement outcome to the vice mayor, he was threatened that if he didn’t raise the yield, he wouldn’t get any food. However, my father didn’t resign himself to this. Rather, he put into practice the creed of being truthful.”