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Introduction to Zhejiang University

The General Information section provides a broad range overview of Zhejiang University.

The University Motto: Zhejiang University encourages all its faculty members and students to follow the spirit of "pursuing the truth, being rigorous and earnest, exerting oneself for never-ending progress, and pioneering new trails". In short, the university motto is "Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails".

History, Facts & Statistics


Honors & Awards

      Includes faculty awards and national rankings


   - Includes profiles of the student population. 
Facts provide a snapshot of the university in numbers. Answers to frequently asked questions also help visitors to Zhejiang University.
   - The total number of
faculty and staff members of the university is 8,255, of which 3,562 are teachers and researchers, with 15 members of the Chinese Academy of Science, 18 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Zhejiang University Logo, Song, and etc.

Zhejiang University-Wide Publications (Journals)

A number of publications cover the entire university community, including the Zhejiang University Newspaper (Chinese), and Journal of Zhejiang University (ABC).

Zhejiang University Press

Visiting, Touring & Getting around Zhejiang University

Maps of Campus | Directions (how to get to Zhejiang University) | Visitor Parking

Tours and Visitor Services
   In-person tours, directions to campus, parking suggestion, more.

The Visitors and Neighbors section of this website contains maps and directions to the university and links to other useful information about popular campus attractions.