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With the establishment of 7 faculties, consisting of 32 schools, 4 school-level departments, and a teaching and research institute of political theory, all fully reflecting the new trend of  development of modern science and technology, and the new features of knowledge and technological innovation, the university has been providing favourable resources for interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation, and improvement of the all-around quality of its teaching and research.

Undergraduate Education

There are 23,633 undergraduate students and 127 undergraduate disciplines by Dec. 2014. 
Undergraduate School,
Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Education

According to the statistics of Dec. 2014, the university has 13,952 master-degree students, 8,779 doctoral candidates, studying in its 331 master-degree programs (28 professional master-degree) and 58 primary (268 secondary) discipline doctoral degree programs. In addition, a good number of PhD degree holders are taking part in its 54 postdoctoral research programs.

Graduate Admissions 
        Application deadline, tuition, Requirement, and etc.  
     Graduate discipline were offered in numerous faculties in the university.


Continuing Education

The university offers valuable opportunities for life long learning. Continuing education schedules a broad range of courses, seminars for people in the campus. The distance-learning education provides degree and non-degree courses.


With a total space of 4,503,741 Square meters, the university library has a collection of more than 6,710,000 volumes.

Academic Calendars

Academic calendar 2014-15, 2013-12......

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