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Zhejiang University in the News


 TCM explored to fight chronic disease globally

 Chinadaily         Oct. 31, 2016 

 Universities join to promote patient wellness

Chinadaily         Oct. 18, 2016 


 Engineering at Illinois and Zhejiang University partner on Joint Institute for engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign         Apr. 15, 2016 


 Zhejiang University Awards Honorary Professorship to Eric Maskin

Harvard University         Apr. 13, 2016 


 Intel:Arizona State, and Zhejiang University Collaborate to Teach Embedded Programming

4-traders        Dec. 18, 2014 


 Boston University and Zhejiang University Agreement

Boston University.         Oct. 31, 2014 


 Data from Zhejiang University Provide New Insights into Botany (WRKY41 controls Arabidopsis seed dormancy via direct regulation of ABI3 transcript...

HispanicBusiness Inc.         Sep. 30, 2014 

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