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Wenqin Art Troupe

Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe was established in 2001 under the sponsorship of alumna Ms. Yao Wenqin in order to strengthen the education of culture and arts. Wenqin Art Troupe currently consists of six subgroups: the symphony orchestra, the chorus group, the dancing group, the folk music orchestra, the keyboard group and the theatre group, with a total of over 300 students from a variety of schools and institutes.

Wenqin Art Troupe has committed itself to enriching the campus life of the students at Zhejiang University through hundreds of wonderful shows and performances. Wenqin Art Troupe made its debut in the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2001. The show turned out a huge success, and even received a great compliment from Stephen Hawking. In the following years Wenqin Art Troupe has presented many well-designed programs to the outside world with the theme of promoting exchange of cultures, ideologies and life experiences and demonstrating youthful spirit. In April 2002, Wenqin Art Troupe made its visit to 6 universities in Hong Kong and received a warm welcome. In July of the same year, Wenqin Art Troupe held a music conference together with the alumini chorus group invited from Waseda University. In 2005, Wenqin Art Troupe was invited to give performances in Taiwan and Macao universities and was well-received. In 2006, Wenqin Art Troupe presented brilliant performances in 5 prestigeous American universities and the United Nation on behalf of Zhejiang University. The performances were reckoned feasts of art and culture and won wide acclaim and popular approval from the audience.

Wenqin Art Troupe has successfully established its name both domestically and internationally with its excellent programs and relentless efforts to promote Chinese culture and art.