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Humanities, Faculty of 
Humanities, School of 
- Philosophy
- Cultural Heritage and Museumology
             - Chinese Language and Literature 
             - History 
- Arts
International Studies, School of 
- Linguistics   
          - Eastern and Western Languages and Literatures 
          - English Language and Literature         
      Media and International Culture, College of 
           - Journalism and Communication Studies
           - Intercultural Cultural Studies 
           - Film & TV and New Media Studies    

Social Sciences, Faculty of 
Economics, College of 
           - Economics
           - Finance 
           - Public Finance
           - International Economics          
      Guanghua Law, School of 
           - Law 
      Education, College of
           - Education
           - Physical Education
           - Public Physic, Division of
Management, School of 
          - Management Science and Engineering 
          - Enterprises Management
          - Accountancy and Financial Management
          - Agricultural Economics and Management
          - Tourism Management
     Public Administration, College of  
             - Government 
             - Land Resources Management
             - Social Security and Risk Management
             - Public policy and Public Economy
             - Information Resources Management
             - Political Science
             - Sociology
     Teaching and Research Institute of Political Theory                  

Science, Faculty of 
Mathematical Sciences, School of
          - Physics, Dept. of 
          - Chemistry, Dept. of
          - Earth Science, School of 
          - Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Dept .of

Engineering, Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering, College of
     Material Science and Engineering, School of
     Energy Engineering, College of
     Electrical Engineering, College of 
          - Electrical Engineering
          - System Science and Engineering 
          - Applied Electronics 
Civil Engineering and Architecture, College of
          - Civil Engineering
          - Architecture
          - Regional and Urban Planning
          - Water Resources and Ocean Engineering 
    Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of
    Ocean College
     Aeronautics and Astronautics, School of
          - Aeronautics and Astronautics
          - Engineering Mechanics
Polymer Science and Engineering, Dept. of

Information Technology, Faculty of
Optical Science and Engineering, College of
    Information Science and Electronic Engineering, College of
    Control Science and Engineering, College of 
Computer Science and Technology, College of
          - Computer Science and Engineering
          - Digital Media and Network Technology
          - Industrial Design 
     Software Technology, School of   (Chinese)
     Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science, College of
          - Biomedical Engineering
          - Instrumentation Science and Engineering

Agriculture, Life and Environment, Faculty of 
Life Sciences, College of 
          - Biological Science
          - Biotechnology
Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, College of
          - Biosystems Engineering
          - Food and Nutrition Science
Environmental and Resource Sciences, College of
          - Environmental Science
          - Environmental Engineering
          - Resource Sciences
Agriculture and Biotechnology, College of
          - Agronomy 
          - Plant Protection
          - Horticulture 
          - Tea Science 
          - Applied Biosciences (Chinese)
Animal Sciences, College of
          - Sericulture,Aquaculture and Apiculture
          - Animal Science and Technology
          - Veterinary Medicine

Medicine, Faculty of

     Medicine, School of
Basic Medical Sciences, School of 
         - The First Dept. of Clinical Medicine
         - The Second Dept. of Clinical Medicine
         - The Third Dept. of Clinical Medicine(Incl. Nursing Department) 
         - Stomatology, Dept. of

       - Public Health, School of 
    Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of
          - Pharmacy
          - Chinese Traditional Pharmacy