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Reflection on Information Systems and Data Centric Research

Abstract:Since the dawn of Information Systems (IS) as a new academic discipline 50 years ago, IS has grown into a mature discipline.  However, IS has many reference disciplines and has many fractions such as design science, behavioral science, organizational science, and IS economics.  This fractional view makes the IS discipline complex to study by doctoral students and difficult to understand by other disciplines. The presenter will show that the current factional view is based more on research methodology and less on research outcome.  Further, there is a noticeable trend that various research fractions are converging towards data-centric research paradigms in the big data era. A new literature platform called ISTopic.org under development in City University of Hong Kong and several data centric papers he has published in MISQ, JoC, and I&M will be outlined as part of this talk.

 Leon J Zhao.jpgJ. Leon Zhao is currently Chair Professor in IS, City University of Hong Kong. He holds Ph.D. from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. He is director of Center on Global Internet Finance and Lab on Enterprise Process Innovation and Computing. He was awarded Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professorship at Tsinghua University in 2009.

Guest Lectuer: Prof.J. Leon Zhao,City University of Hong Kong

Date and Time: 2:00pm-3:300pm, Mar.12, 2017

Location: Meeting Room, 4 Floor, Administration Building, Zijingang Campus

Audience: Faculty/Staff, Students

Category: Lecture

Sponsor: School of Management, Zhejiang University


Admission: Free