+ Photos / Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog! [02-12-2018]

Come meet our robot dog - "Jueying"!


+ Recent Headlines / Come meet ZJU's robot dog "Jueying" [02-12-2018]

Jueying was the name of a fine horse belonging to an ancient Chinese warlord. It suggests that the horse ran so fast that it even left its own shadow behind. Now we have a different "Jueying", a cool robot dog made by ZJU!With the Year of the Dog close at hand, a “robot dog” from ZJU makes its debut. This quadruped robot dog, called “Jueying”, is able to clamber up a steep ...


+ Recent Headlines / Nine ZJU courses among first batch of national-level MOOCs [02-07-2018]

The Chinese Ministry of Education has recently selected and released the first batch of 490 national-level MOOCs. Among them, nine courses are offered by Zhejiang University –  - The Basics of Game Theory by Prof. JIANG Wenhua- Chinese Modern and Contemporary History by Prof. DUAN Zhiwen- Overview of New Media by Prof. WEI Lu- Probability and Statistics by P...


+ Photos / Celebrating Chinese New Year at ZJU [02-06-2018]

The College's Deputy Party Secretary RUAN Xiao and Vice Dean WANG Xiaoping posed for a photo with students.The Ocean College of Zhejiang University invited international students to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Febuary 1, 2018. College leaderships wished the students a happy and prosperous new year.


+ Recent Headlines / ZJU leads in building of world's most powerful hyper-gravity... [02-05-2018]

The National Development and Reform Commission as given its seal of approval to Zhejiang University for leading the construction of Centrifugal Hyper-gravity and Interdisciplinary Experiment Facility (CHIEF) as part of China’s key sci-tech infrastructure recently. Centrifugal modeling first proposed by the French scientist E. Philips in 1869CHIEF—a comprehensive hyper-gravity and interdisciplinar...