Basketball Team

Wenqin Art Troupe

Sponsored by Dr. Y. C. Tang and Ms Yao Wenqin, Zhejiang University Wenqin Arts Troupe was founded in 2001. It is the very epitome of the artistic level and spiritual state of students ate ZJU. It consists of six talented teams: a chorus group, a drama team, a dance team, a symphony orchestra, a Chinese traditional music team, and a keyboard orchestra, with a total of over 300 students from a full spectrum of schools and colleges.      

In recent years, the Wenqin Arts Troupe has been invited to perform in prestigious universities and organizations in the United States, including Columbia University, Princeton University, Northwestern University, UCLA, Stanford University, the UN Headquarters and the Zhejiang University Alumni Association (North America).

Mathematical Modeling

The students of the university take an active part in various international contests and have frequently won 1st-class and 2nd-class prizes. This is a pictures of the certificate of a 1st-class prize from the international Mathematical Modeling Contest held in the USA.