Research Units
The Second Affiliated Hospital,School of Medicine, Zhejiang University
Ranked #8 in medicine in the Nature Index China 2016



Striving to work on cutting-edge research and technology, and ultimately, to carry out translational work that improves care and treatments.

Basic Information

  • Founded in 1869 by a British Church Missionary Society

  • Bed capacity of 3200 beds

  • Over 150 thousand inpatients and 4.5 million outpatients annually

  • 6 specialties ranked top 10 in the nation

  • 13 Distinguished Clinical Specialties recognized by the Health and Family Planning Commission of China

  • Accredited as JCI academic medical center since 2013

  • Ranked #20 out of nearly 29,000 Chinese hospitals by the Fudan Hospital Ranking

  • The biggest hospital-based telemedicine program in China

  • The only GMP standard Biotherapy Center in the Zhejiang province

  • 1 Biodata Base

  • 1 Epidemiological and Biological Statistics Analysis Office

  • Ethnic Review Committeeaccredited by the SIDER-FERCAP


International Exchange & Cooperation

  • Over 10 international cooperative research projects funded by Natural Science Foundation of China over the past years

  • More than 200 international students, residents and fellows trained here

  • UCLA-SAHZU Joint Diagnosis Center established in 2010

  • 2500 and more telepathology cases completed since 2010



  • More than 300 active national and provincial scientific research programs every year

  • 5 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology

  • 1 National Award for Technological Invention from central government

  • 33 articles published in top 10% SCI journals

  • Ranked #3 among all medical institutions in China by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC)

  • Nationally leading research areas includes

    Cardiovascular diseases:




    General Surgery



    Emergency Medicine


    Respiratory Medicine


    PET and Nuclear Medicine


Li Jing