Research Units
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization


Provide scientific theory and technological innovation to meet the national demanding for clean, low-carbon, safety and efficient energy technology.


Basic Information

  • Founded in 2005

  • Director: Professor LUO Zhongyang

  • Facility Size: 18,055 m2

  • Joint Research Centre/ Laboratory: 14

  •  Total Value of Instruments and Equipment: 224 Million Yuan

Research Focuses

  • Clean and High Efficiency Utilization of Fossil Fuel

  • New Energy and Advanced Energy System

  • Clean Utilization of Low Grade Energy

  • Pollutants Formation, Transmission, Measurement and Control during Energy Utilization

  • Research Platforms: 14

  • Theoretical Simulations and Numerical Experiment Study of Multiphase Reaction System


  • Number of National Science & Technology Progress Awards (2013-2017): 4

  • Number of National Technology Invention Awards (2013-2017): 2

  • Scientific Research Funds (2013-2017): 652 Million Yuan

  • Number of Projects Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (2013-2017): 80

  • Number of SCI Publications (2013-2017): 1149

  • Number of Patented Inventions (2013-2017): 301

  • Number of Monographs (2013-2017): 19

  • Long-term Partnerships: Columbia University, University of Utah,Purdue University, University of Wyoming, City University of London, KTH, Sheffield University and more.