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State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation
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To develop new concepts, new techniques and new processes of optical instruments, and become a leading international research and training center for scientific and industrial development, and meet the needs of the countryinmodern optical instrumentation

Basic Information

  • Founded in 1996

  • Director: Professor Min Qiu

  • Space Areas: 8000+ m2

  • Total Value of Instruments and Equipment: 325 million Yuan

Research Focuses

  • Precision equipment for optical sensing and detection

  • Advanced optoelectronic technology and devices

  • Micro/nano photonics and devices


  • Number of National Science & Technology Progress Awards (2013-2017): 2

  • Number of National Grants (2013-2017): 150+

  • Number of SCI Publications (2013-2017): 1500+

  • Number of Patents (2013-2017): 380+

  • Long-term Partnerships:Linnaeus Center, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

    The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, USA

  • International Recognition By:

Board of Directors of the Optical Society (OSA)

The IEEE Fellow Committee

The SPIE Fellows Committee

  • Significant Outputs:

1. Innovative concepts, approaches and industrial applications of fiber-optics gyroscopes

2. Fine, miniature camera systems adopted by CLEP, the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program

3. Micro/nano-optics-based new concepts for modern optical instrumentation