Research Units
State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology & Biochemistry (Joint)
Our strategy for breeding new crops


To develop a prehensive understanding of Plant Environment Interactions, and to apply the knowledge toward the agriculture development in China for more efficient and sustainable production

Basic Information

  • Founded in 2002 as a joint laboratory with China Agricultural University (CAU)

  • Director: Professor YANG Shu-Hua in CAU

  • Deputy Director: Professor ZHENG Shao-Jian in ZJU

  • Space Areas: 1800 m2

  • Total Value of Instruments and Equipment: 35 million Yuan

Research Focuses

  • Plant/Crop cellular signal transduction in responses to abiotic stress

  • Regulation of gene expression in plant/crop responses to abiotic stress

  • Plant/Crop developmental regulation and stress responses

  • Physiological and molecular mechanisms of water and nutrient use efficiencies in crop


  • Number of National Grants (2013-2017): 37

  • Total Amount of Funding (2013-2017): 56 million Yuan

  • Number of SCI Publications (2013-2017): 88

  • Number of Patents (2013-2017): 7

  • Long-term Partnerships: University of Oxford, University of Maryland, La Trobe University, University of Western Australia