Research Units
National Engineering Laboratory for Waste Incineration Technology & Equipment
Our future home in west Zijingang Campus


To develop the clean utilization technology of waste andthe research of industrial equipment application and provide technical support for waste incineration technology and equipment field in China.


Basic Information

  • Founded in 2017

  • Professor YAN Jianhua, vice president of Zhejiang University.

  • Space Areas: 2000+ m2

  • Research Platforms: 9

  • Total Value of Instruments and Equipments: 60.5 million yuan

Research Focuses

  • Pretreatment and sorting technology of MSW

  • Advanced combustion technology of MSW

  • Pyrolysis and gasification technology

  • Hazardous wastes incineration technology

  • High efficiency utilization of thermal energy

  • Flue gas clean technology

  • Online monitoring and management technology of dioxin

  • Safety disposal technology of fly ash


  • Number of Patents (2006-2017): 60+

  • Long-term Partnerships: Stanford University, Columbia University,Lund University, Technical University of Hamburg, Free University of Brussels, US EPA, etc.

  • Significant Breakthroughs:

    1. Integrated incineration technology of municipal solid waste based on circulating fluidized bed;

    2. Sludge drying and incineration technology;

    3. Online detection of trace organic pollutants such as dioxin;

    4. Detection and optimization control technology for combustion process;

    5. Integrated technology of hazardous waste pyrolysis and incineration.