The 2018 Sci-tech Open Week of ZJU's CAD&CG state key laboratory draws to a successful close

2018-06-07 Global Communications

Zhejiang University state key laboratory of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CAD & CG) held the “Better Innovation for Better Lives” Sci-tech Open Week from May 19 to 26 as part of its effort to make cutting-edge technologies accessible for the general public.

The lab set up nine projects during the open week for the public to experience the latest innovations and find their interest in science. The activity attracted more than 900 participants from across the world.

The ultra-high-definition large-screen visualization analysis system was particularly eye-catching. Its massive display consisting of 33 smaller 55-inch screens can perform extensive data analysis.

The global-scale atmospheric data visualization system allows users to select different visualization methods and maps meteorological data into an interactive, three-dimensional scene.


The urban big data integrated analysis platform collects multi-source heterogeneous data in Beijing, Tianjin, and Guiyang, facilitating scientific decisions such as site selection. Many other issues can also be solved through big data and information technology to help us build smart cities.

The immersive and shape controllable three-dimensional fireworks interactive simulation platform also attracted a lot of attention. Wearing the VR display, users can immerse themselves in the stunning West Lake panoramic view with vivid sound effects. Water fireworks will be played according to the user’s drawing and displayed above the distance lake.


The face animation and interactive technology project uses face tracking and animation technology to track the three-dimensional features of faces from a webcam and generates a three-dimensional model that recreates the expression of the subject. This acquired facial expression can also be transformed into a virtual character. The facial features can also be used to analyze the user's expression. The project can be applied to the production of movies and games, saving time for artists.

The interactive hairstyle replacement technology can exchange hairstyles between different characters through interactive image segmentation of hair region and estimation of the scalp model.


The 3D printing and water transfer printing technology solves the problem of accurate coloring on three-dimensional objects with “point-to-point” aiming. This coloring technology can counter the disadvantages of high cost, slow speed, and low accuracy of 3D color printing equipment.

The mobile augmented reality platform can fuse virtual objects into real scenes through mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. It can also reconstruct three-dimensional models of real objects and scenes online, and achieve rapid three-dimensional digitization of objects, occlusion as well as shadow synthesis between virtual and real objects, while ensuring high-fidelity integration effect.

The human posture tracking system is widely used in animation, interaction, games, sports and other fields. It collects human motion in real time through a webcam. It then detects and locates several key points of the human body using a deep neural network to obtain the body's posture. The system can track multiple targets simultaneously.

Source: College of Computer Science and Technology