20 academics named as “Highly Cited Researcher 2019”

2019-11-20 Global Communications

20 Zhejiang University scholars are among the world's most influential in their fields, according to the Clarivate Analytics 2019 Highly Cited Researchers List.

Spanning several fields of the sciences and engineering, from IoT and soil pollution remediation to clean energy solutions, ZJU scholars named on the list this year are: 

HUANG Feihe(Chemistry)

QIAN Guodong(Chemistry)

WU Haobin (Chemistry,Materials Science)

REN Kui (Computer Science)

SU Hongye (Computer Science,Engineering)

WU Zheng-Guang (Computer Science,Engineering)

Philip C. Brookes (Cross-Field)

CHU Jian (Cross-Field)

GAO Chao (Cross-Field)

HE Shibo (Cross-Field)

LI Chang-Zhi (Cross-Field)

SONG Jizhou (Cross-Field)

TU J. P. (Cross-Field)

WANG Peng (Cross-Field)

WANG X. L. (Cross-Field)

WU Zhongbiao(Cross-Field)

CHEN Jiming(Engineering)

CHEN Baoliang(Environment and Ecology)

XIA Xinhui(Materials Science)

WU Ping(Plant and Animal Science)

Their research was ranked in the top 1% of most cited papers in their field over a decade. 

We have witnessed more than 3-fold increase in the number of researchers named since 2016. Ten ZJU scholars are identified with cross-field impact – those with exceptional broad performance based on high impact papers across several fields. In addition, three university professors appear in two ESI categories who belong to only 5% or 185 highly cited researchers at the very top of their field. This result is a testament to longstanding commitment of the University to fundamental and translational research addresses real world problems. ZJU has invested heavily in multidisciplinary research, including lauching Innovation 2030 university-wide strategic framework focused on bringing in expertise from several fields to rethink some of the world’s most complex and pressing issues.

The new 2019 List recognized over 6,000 leading researchers in 21 fields of the sciences and social sciences from around the world, including 23 Nobel laureates. This year China Mainland has overtaken United Kingdom and is home to the second highest number of Highly Cited Researchers, with 636 authors, representing 10.2% of the researchers on the list. Chinese Academy of Sciences, home to 101 researchers is the institution has the highest concentration of Highly Cited Researchers in China.