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The 15th China Information Accessibility Forum held at Zhejiang University


On September 22, the 15th China Information Accessibility Forum and the National Accessible Environment Exhibition were held on Zijingang Campus at Zhejiang University. Participants held discussions on the theme of “Information Accessibility for Public Services” for the interests of people with disabilities. 

At the opening ceremony, ZHANG Haidi, Chairperson of China Disabled Persons’ Federation, gave a speech via a video link, ZHANG Sujun, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Vice President of the Law Society of China, delivered a keynote speech, and WU Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University also made a speech.

“The construction of an accessible environment mirrors humanistic care, solicitude for life, and an approach to improving the quality of life”, said ZHANG Haidi. She expressed her sincere gratitude to China Information and Accessibility Technology Research Center for Persons with Disabilities, which is co-established by Zhejiang University and China Disabled Persons’ Federation, for their outstanding achievements in the past decade. She looked forward to the most scientific and humane guidelines and the optimal design for disabled persons.

“Zhejiang University has been particularly concerned about the needs of people with disabilities in an unswerving effort to remain at the forefront in high-caliber services for the disabled in the new era. In the future, society will be marked by multiple empowerment, people-orientedness as well as inclusiveness and interconnectedness. Information accessibility technology will further promote the sense of acquisition and the sense of well-being for persons with disabilities,” said WU Zhaohui. 

On the same day, China Braille Library, Alibaba Foundation and the Zhejiang University School of Software Technology jointly launched the Information Accessibility Innovation and Application Center. Meanwhile, Zhejiang Disabled Persons’ Federation, Hangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation and China Information and Accessibility Technology Research Center for Persons with Disabilities issued the Hangzhou Declaration on the Development of Information Accessibility together.

Launch of the Information Accessibility Innovation and Application Center 

In recent years, Zhejiang University has made tremendous contributions to the high-quality development of the cause of persons with disabilities. The university has invested massive efforts in scientific and technological empowerment and made such breakthroughs as smart glasses for the blind. It has also formulated relevant accessibility standards, initiated the establishment of a database about the disabled, and participated in the construction of information accessibility for major events such as the Hangzhou Asian Para Games. It has also taken the lead in incorporating accessibility-related courses into the curriculum and has provided training for leading personnel in disabled persons’ federations.