Dialogue@ZJU:With Prof. FAN Longjiang, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology

2021-03-29 Global Communications

[Message from the editor: Prof. FAN Longjiang, featured in the newly released university video, discovered the cause for weedy rice in paddies, improving weed control and crop yield.]


Quotes from the interview:

- Now we adopt the latest approaches such as genomics and bioinformatics to better understand rice. Meanwhile, with a large amount of genomic data we can improve our breeding efficiency.

- Through a large-scale global study of the genome, we discovered that the so-called weedy rice actually was derived from our cultivated rice. This is a genetic phenomenon called de-domestication or feralization. Being the first genomic evidence in the world, our study was widely recognized.

- Zhejiang University, as a comprehensive university, provides an enabling environment for our agricultural research. We have timely access to new technologies.