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Joint workshop on Common Prosperity



With successful elimination of the extreme poverty by the end of 2020, China aims to solve the problem of unbalanced development and narrow the gap between urban and rural areas in the new development era. An ultimate goal as outlined in the 14th five year plan is to march towards common prosperity for all through rural vitalization and a new pattern of integrated urban-rural development. In June 2021, the Chinese government issued Opinions on Supporting Zhejiang’s High-quality Development and Construction of Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone. Zhejiang takes on the critical mission of exploring paths, accumulating experience and providing demonstration in common prosperity. In this context, the Workshop on “Integrated Urban-rural Development and Common Prosperity” are jointly organized by China Academy for Rural Development and School of Public Affairs at Zhejiang University, which will provide theoretical support for promoting integrated urban-rural development and realizing common prosperity.

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