Call for Papers: Chinese Films in My Eyes

Date: 2022-03-20 10:35:02
Venue: Online
Speaker: ICCVA
Category: Notices & Events

We sincerely invite international students from all over the world to write a first-person narrative in Chinese about your personal exposure to Chinese films and what you know and feel about them!

Words: About 1,000 words in Chinese. Please also provide a photo of your life while studying in China (preferably including typical local scenes). 

✍ Please affix the original name of the author in native language, as well as the Chinese name (if any) + the name of the home country and city + the name of the school as well as the department and major while studying in China. 

✍ Your submission should be recommended by a teacher in your university. Please indicate the name, affiliation, position and other information of the recommended teacher at the end of the paper. 

Submission: Please send the manuscript and photos to email: ICCVA2017@163.com

✍ Submission Deadline: March 20, 2022

Learn more: 【Call for Papers】Chinese Films in My Eyes.pdf