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Book Club in the Fall and Winter Semesters of 2022 Academic Year


Introduction to the Book Club

In order to further create an academic atmosphere and promote communication, as well as to enrich the experience of doctoral students in organizing discussions, the Department of Sociology encourages book clubs organized by doctoral students and attended mainly by undergraduate students.

The five main themes of the book club in the fall and winter semester of the academic year 2022 are:
1. Capitalist Economic System (资本主义经济制度)
Leader: ZHANG Zhongji
Contact: 15990169177

2、The Birth of the Irrational Cage: The History of Social Discipline of Insanity from Insanity and Civilization (非理性牢笼的诞生:从《疯癫与文明》考察“疯癫”的社会规训史)
Director: ZHANG Siying
Tel: 18867151019

3、Fate, Dynamism and Uncertainty: Coping Strategies in Chinese Divination Practice (命运、能动性与不确定性:中国占卜实践中的应对策略)
Leader: CHEN Yuling
Tel: 18819491605

4、Masculinities (Masculinities 男性气质)
Leader: WEI Fuyun
Contact WeChat:3026742189

5、The Sources of Social Power: The History of Power in the Ancient State (社会权力的来源:古代国家的权力史)
Leader:YANG Qixin
Contact number: 19857136213

Interested students are welcome to contact the person in charge of the corresponding book club topic for communication, and the specific arrangements will be agreed upon by the person in charge and the participating students.