Sir Run Run Shaw International Children's Medical Center and Sir Run Run Shaw Pediatric Research Building officially launched

2022-10-02 Global Communications

On September 21, the second phase of Binjiang Campus of the Children's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (ZCH) was officially opened. An outpatient and inpatient building and a research building were added to the campus, respectively named Sir Run Run Shaw International Children's Medical Center and Sir Run Run Shaw Pediatric Research Building.

WU Zhaohui, president of Zhejiang University, HUANG Xianhai, vice president of Zhejiang University, SUN Liming, deputy director of the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province, XU Weiwei, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, YU Tingdong, deputy director of Binjiang District Government, SHU Qiang, secretary of the CPC Committee of ZCH, FU Junfen, executive vice president of ZCH, and LI Qiang, executive deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of ZCH, together with hospital staff, witnessed the opening ceremony. CHEN Weiwen, chairman of the Shaw Foundation in Hong Kong, participated in the ceremony online.

The construction of the new two buildings with a gross floor area of nearly 80,000 square meters was supported by the donation from the Shaw Foundation in Hong Kong. Among them, the 1-7th floors of the new outpatient and inpatient building are designedfor outpatients and inpatients of the Sir Run Run Shaw International Children's Medical Center, and the 8-21s floors are for inpatients of various specialties of internal medicine. The total inpatient beds of ZCH in Hubin and Binjiang reach 2,000, better meeting the increasing patients’ needs in Zhejiang province, East China and even the whole country. The new scientific research building has 10 floors, with apediatric medicine-industry-information cross research center, a biobank center, multiple public technology platforms, multiple discipline research centers and a variety of disease laboratories, which will support  the development of pediatric medicine, teaching and research, and help improve the level of pediatric diagnosis and treatment, and the diagnosis and treatment ability of complex and critical diseases.

WU Zhaohui pointed out in his remarks that strengthening the construction of pediatric medicine to ensure children's health is one of the major public health issues concerned by the central government, the society and the people. The Shaw Foundation in Hong Kong made a special contribution to the development of the Children’s Hospital, conveying its visionary investment in the health of children. Withthe National Clinical Medical Research Center for Child Health and the National Regional Children’s Medical Center, ZCH has been taking a leading position in pediatric medicine. The Hospital should take the opening of the new buildings as an opportunity to deepen the integration of clinical practice, medical education and research, and strive to build an internationally recognized children’s hospital.

SUN Liming said that Zhejiang Province attaches great importance to children's health and the development ofpediatrics, and focuses on promotingthe quality and resources of medical care.The Children’s Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicineis the earliest and largest comprehensive children's hospital in Zhejiang province, and has made outstanding contribution to the development of pediatric medicine and children's health. She hoped that the hospital can continue to pursue higher quality of pediatric care and a higher level of medical resource sharing.

In an online speech, CHEN Weiwen said that the ZCH has been taken the important mission of pediatric care, scientific research, medical teaching, and public health in more than 70 years of development, which has left a deep impression on the Shaw Foundation of Hong Kong with great love and selfless commitment. He expressed the hope that the opening of the new buildings will further strengthen the scientific research in pediatric medicine andprovide quality of care to children.

On the same day, a bronze statue of Sir Run Run Shaw was unveiled at the BinjiangCampus.

Source:Children's Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine