On non-dense orbits in finite volume quotient of Lie groups

Date: 2022-10-27 15:21:49
Time: 16:00
Venue: Zijingang Campus
Speaker: Dr. Lifan Guan
Category: Talk & Lecture

Speaker: Dr. Lifan GUAN (Westlake University)

Venue: 101, Building 2, Haina Court

Abstract:The subject of homogeneous dynamics focuses on the study of dynamical properties of Lie subgroups acting on finite volume quotient of (mainly semisimple) Lie groups. As such, homogeneous dynamics is closely related to many different areas in mathematics. In particular, some problems in number theory can be reformulated and studied via homogeneous dynamics. In this talk, we will take a tour of no-dense orbits in homogeneous spaces and related problems in number theory. We will first explain the relationship and then show how it is used to solve problems in number theory. Finally, we will discuss some recent developments.